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Blue Tortilla Restaurant215-862-5859
BOI's of New Hope Art Gallery215.862.8292
BOW WOW215-862-9871

Burch & Jones Jewelers215-862-2725 
Cafe Europa Trattoria...215-862-9600
Dilly's Corner215-862-5333
Farley's Bookshop

Fred Eisen Leather &Art Knives215-862-5988
Gallery Piquel215-862-3523
Heart of the Home215.862.1880
Howard Gallery of Fine Art215.862.5272
Image Makers Art Gallery215.862.4858
J & W Gallery of Fine Art215-862-5119 
James A Michener Museum215.340.9800
Karla's Restaurant215-862-2612
La Bonne Auberge215-862-9105
Lazer Illusions215-862-9710 
Logan Inn215-862-2300
Marsha Brown's215-862-7044
Mechanic Street MUGs215-630-4338 
Mystickal Tymes215-862-5629
NameSake Art & Gift Studio215-862-7000

Nevermore Hotel215-862-5221
New Hope Arts Center 215 862 9606

New Hope Arts, Inc.

New Hope Candle Shop215-862-2375
New Hope Historical Society215-862-5652
New Hope Shoes215-862-4455
New Hope Sidetracks Gallery215-862-4586 
Savioni Designer Boutique215-862-5010
Spatola's Pizza215-862-6041
Sprig and Vine215.693.1427 
Sterling Leather215-862-9669 
Suzie Hot Sauce215-862-1334 
Teardrop Memories 215-862-3401
The Jonathan Rice Collection215-862-4607  
The Landing Restaurant215-862-5711 
The Parry Mansion 215-862-5652
Triumph Brewing Company(215) 862-8300
Pod Shop215-862-2037


This directory is a lot like the old phone book just an alphabetical list of business links. Visit, and  Everything will be connected through the website Every Friday I send out the business owners an email so if there is something you want to share with these local businesses just shoot me another email and I will pass it on! I'm also trying to make new friends on fb if you are interested in having a new friend please check it out!

Strollin~or scrollin  and, make us your home page to quickly and accurately find local business links!!!

Ever wonder if your favorite store or business has a website? Have you ever spent the afternoon wandering in and out of stores; then wanted to contact that one store that had the doohickey you liked??? What was the name of that store??? Go to ,  and and scan the alphabetical list of business links to jog your memory! You will find it there! Old Chinese proverb says...It's better to save one website than all 730 that are in our business directories! OK it's not an old Chinese proverb but darn... it should be! Save these website in your favorites. Are we on facebook! Of course we are on facebook!

Send me a short email and I will include it in Friday's (Local Business Only) Email!

Dave Gifford (215)651-0990 Make it a great day!